Scrollbar arrows in mac os x lion

is there any way to get these back in Mac OS X Lion? Or do I need to downgrade to Snow Leopard just get these seemingly trivial but for me.
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John Siracusa brought his usual thorough analysis to the radical departure from Snow Leopard and earlier scrolling behavior represented by Lion and later—some of these changes were subsequently refined in Mac OS X It's interesting how technology passes you buy.

Change the Way the Scrollbars Work on Mac OS X

Boy how things have changed. I may need to buy a copy of Mavericks for Dummies. Thanks for the assistance. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions. There is also a System Preference in "General" to "Always show scroll bars", which should resolve your issue in other applications, as you commented in your original post.

Mac tip: Miss the scroll bar arrows? Try the arrow keys instead (reader mail) | here's the thing

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Mac Smooth Scrolling

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Using Scroll Bars in Mac OS X Lion

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  • Mac tip: Miss the scroll bar arrows? Try the arrow keys instead (reader mail).
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Scroll Arrows [ Re: Douglas ]. New York State.

Thanks dkmarsh, not sure I would have figured that out. Ira L Registered: Alas, this horizontal scrolling-with-the-Shift-key works in Finder windows, but not in all applications. Use the keyboard. In the Finder, first click an icon in the window and then use the arrow keys to move up, down, left, or right.

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Using an arrow key selects the next icon in the direction it indicates — and automatically scrolls the window, if necessary. In other programs, you might or might not be able to use the keyboard to scroll. Two-finger swipe on a trackpad: