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macOS Mojave is chock full of utilities to help you work with your Mac You can access Network Utility by selecting About This Mac from the Apple menu. Wireless Diagnostics can help you when you can't connect to your.
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So where is Network Utility hiding these days, and how can it be used to troubleshoot network problems? If Network Utility is no longer in the Utilities folder of the Mac, where is it? The last way? Info Info see the image in the previous section provides a drop-down menu that lists each of the network interfaces that are built into your Mac.

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Selecting any one of those network interfaces provides a wealth of information, including the hardware address MAC — Media Access Control address, a unique number assigned to each network interface , the IP address IPv4 , link speed, link status, vendor, and model. The right side of the Info screen also shows how many data packets have been sent or received by the interface since the last time the Mac was restarted.

This often manifests itself as a slow connection to websites, slow downloads, and so on. Ping Probably the most widely-used and useful tools in Network Utility is ping.

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By default, ping sends 10 packets to the other device, measuring the amount of time it takes for each ping to be received back at the iMac. If the response shows a timeout on any or all of the pings coming back, it indicates a bad connection between the Mac and the router, and I can start troubleshooting issues armed with that knowledge. Lookup actually encompasses two underlying commands — nslookup and dig. My guess? Apple uses these odd domain names as a way to fend off distributed denial of service attacks against the company.

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You say "it's invalid to click". So, it's an icon that does nothing? If you click it nothing appears?

Yes, it just sticks on the menu bar and provides nothing, no popup menu no blinking If you remove this software how can you connect to a wifi network? The menubar icon is related to StatusBarApp. To unload the launch agent enter sudo launchctl unload Wlan.

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Software To permanently remove the launch agent enter sudo launchctl remove Wlan. After a reboot the icon should be gone. I removed Wlan.

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Just remove the. I have updated the answer. It does work, thx for your help. Neil Monroe Neil Monroe 2 2 bronze badges. JoePanpi JoePanpi 1. We're looking for long answers that provide some explanation and context.

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